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March 27
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Katrina Karlee Vantas.

Age nineteen

Transferred from Brooklyn,New York School of Theater

Dorm/Flat mates ______ _____, Gabriella Makara, Solange Captor.

Nationality: Irish/American

School Records loading … … …

Thomas Jefferson High School: XXX XX XXXX 10th grade. Suspended for calling a teacher a shit licking, bitch faced whore of a twat. three days...suspension.

Thomas Jefferson High School:XXX XX XXXX 10th grade Suspended for getting into a fight with another student one week suspension. no charges pressed.

“Jesus Sol are you going to stalk our new dorm mate before she even moves in with us?” ____ said standing behind her

“well I need to know her background in case you know… She’s a crazy ass bitch. You know what happened when Erianna lived with us. You know you saw it.” The female looked up from her computer pushing up her glasses “I just really don’t want to go through that. Ever. Again.”

“But sis you did start it. I mean after all you did technically take her potential boyfriend” Gabriella started running a hand through her tangled mess of hair.

“Not only that you did say some pretty harsh thing to her. Like I’m still surprised that you’re even alive.” The ____ coloured female spoke.

A knock at the door took them from out of the conversation. When no one answered the pounding got harder and louder.

“Hello is anybody in there?” A loud female voice asked

The girl with the ____ hair went to answer the door.

“You must me Katrina I take it?” she asked while helping the short girl with her bags by taking them inside and unceremoniously dropping them on the floor by her room. “You will be rooming with me while you live here. Also the two people hovering by the computer are Gabriella and Solange, they are the other two roommates and I hope and pray that you will get along with them”

“Okay. Hi. My name is Katrina… well you already knew that. Any way just don’t touch my shit and I will get along with you deal?” the Irish girl started to speak “Also it’s nice to meet you all” she mumbled under her breath.

“Guys… I’m feeling pretty optimistic about this what about you all?” ___ let out in an awkward laugh.
First things first. This is a Homestuck genderbend Humanstuck AU. Secondly Gabriella is Gamzee and Solange is Sollux, Erianna is Eridan and Katrina is Karkat. I will try to make this a chapter story and also this is a prototype story meaning other character have different relationships with you but this is more like the future of you so like past relationships will be breifly mentioned.
I hope you enjoy. Also there will be swearing just a heads up
Irish-Gamer Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
oh my god im irish so thats surprising
and i look forward to this stories continuation it looks exciting! uvu
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